The Legend of Dharmapada: Part two

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His feet touch the ground, skins are peeled off, the heart was beating fast. But the atmosphere was different, there is a big smile in his small face, the sound applauses beat the sound of thunder every now and then. The big wide chest of Bishu is now bigger.

After all, Dharama did it, keystone is now in its place. No one will die.

Nobody has seen Dharama before, even not Bishu. The leader has left home while his wife was pregnant. That strong lady has taken the role of father, mother and teacher. Dharma inherited a lot of intelligence from his perspicacious father, maybe even more. He tried to grasp every ounce of knowledge he can find in the palm leave pothis. Everything was normal, till the day Dharama got the urge of seeing his father. Finally, his mother let him go, with some berries unique to their farm, so his father can identify him.

Dharma’s past was more of a journey of affection and knowledge but what’s his fate? Now he has saved twelve hundred craftsmen, he is a hero, he will be rewarded, right? Yes, in an ideal scenario. But these are human beings, they don’t always think ideally, they think for self.

A whisper started, “If the king knows a kid did what twelve hundred skilled craftsmen couldn’t, he will slaughter everyone in shame, no one will be spared”. This whisper gets stronger and turns the place of laughter into a graveyard of morally dead men. Dharma can’t understand anything, he is happy standing with his father. But Bishu is shivering, he knows the storm is not over, it’s still there, it was hiding there just to unleash some gruesome crimes.

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