The Iron Mine Moksha

The bhata, Nirbhaya is prepared to execute his plans driven by Kama for Artha without knowledge of Dharma. Will he attain Moksha ? The river surrounding the island Nine months and ten days have passed since I arrived. I will ferry against the torrents…

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The Legend of Dharmapada: Epilogue

“Your boy, or twelve hundred craftsmen, you chose”, this is the question the craftsmen have been asking since last few hours. Bishu doesn’t want to choose; maybe the king can understand and reward them all for their efforts. Just one hour to sunrise, then…


The Man of Steel

Just after reading this, you will say that the title was clickbait, but try to feel for that man. Listen his story. Sattur is now a grown-up man. Many of his friends are currently doing decent jobs in nearby villages, but doing some regular…

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